Pedal clamps for Fanatec CSL Elite (& Elite V2) onto Playseat Challenge

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Please note: You will need to cut the foam tube (that comes on the Playseat Challenge) to fit these clamps.

Compatible with CSL Elite and CSL Elite V2

Available on back-order

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Tired of your pedals moving around and ruining your braking?

Then mount them like a pro with our clamps

Why do I need these?

The 4 clamps firmly hold the pedals onto the Playseat Frame without the need for any Velcro straps.

This improves the braking feel by reducing unwanted movement.  The pedals are held in position during driving and when folding the seat for storage.

Compatible with


The 2 outer pedals will need to be positioned over the Playseat’s pedal frame.

You will need to cut the foam tube (that comes on the Playseat Challenge) to fit these clamps.

These Pedal to Frame clamps work with all configurations of the CSL Elite and Elite V2 pedals.
This includes the standard set up of 2 pedals, and if you have replaced one of the pedals with the load cell version.
They will also work if you use all 3 pedals (2x standard and the Load Cell) but you will need the Fanatec Supplied Stabiliser Bars for the 3 pedal set up.

Supplied with screws, you will need a crosshead ⊗ screwdriver.
A paper installation guide is also included.

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