Installation Guides

Here you will find links to .pdf documents of the installation guides for our products. By all means save them or print them out if you want to.
We do include printed installation guides with our products, but if you misplace it, or the dog eats it, then it’s good to have a backup

Loewe installation guides - coming soon

bild 7
bild 5 & 5 oled
bild 4
new bild 3
bild 3
bild 1

VESA based installation guides

Wall mounts

Medium devices (e.g. Gaming Consoles)

Mini devices (e.g. Apple TV)

Gaming Consoles

Sky Q main box - 1TB or 2TB

Sky Q Mini / Q Hub / Q Booster

Virgin Media Hub

BeoAmp 2

Wraptor Claws

Power Supply Unit (brick)