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-A/V peripheral device brackets to help you tidy up your set up.
-Holders to help save space when playing board games.

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We have solutions to hold your peripheral devices behind B&O and LOEWE TVs and a growing range of wall brackets and table mounts & stands
Additionally, we have started producing board game accessories!
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We were asked if there was a more slimline solution for holding the thin Sky Q and Sky Q mini boxes. And now there is. We provide you with the bespoke designed Sinopia bracket that then bolts onto the existing frame. We are working on the solution to work with Horizon TV.

We have made small adapters for our Mini Device Holder to allow for the circular shape of the BeoSound Core, allowing it to be held securely behind your TV.
Another adapter is fitted to the MDH to allow for smaller “power bricks” (like the one that comes with the new Sky Q decoder) to be hidden away out of sight.
The adapters come pre-fitted to the MDH so no faffing around is needed.1 device & BoeSound Core holder

Product updates are ongoing. If the option you want isn’t currently showing up, please contact us. We will be happy to build a bracket to your requirements.

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