The Zaffre range

 Zaffre & Zaffre plus

Zaffre is designed to attach to the floor stand that supports the LOEWE Reference 75 or 85 television (not compatible with wall mount); it then secures a peripheral device behind the television leaving a clean and uncluttered look. This is achieved with minimum fuss, only needing 2 screws to clamp Zaffre to the pole. Zaffre plus includes an additional frame that allows for another peripheral device to be secured behind the television. The additional frame is also available to purchase separately, so it is easy to upgrade an already installed Zaffre to an Zaffre plus.

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Able to hold up to 6.5 kilograms each¹, the frames are incredibly strong, and the infinitely adjustable Support Grips∞ can accommodate a peripheral device from as small as 15mm high to 80mm safely and securely. This huge range of abilities translates into not needing an expensive custom cage for each peripheral device. Furthermore, the Support Grips are easy to re-adjust with no loss in performance, resulting in no requirement for any additional parts just to simply upgrade your device/s.

Select which TV you have to start specifying your bracket needs.

LOEWE Reference 75 or 85

LOEWE bild 7


¹- Please remember it is your responsibility to make sure that the system is stable.

∞ – Patent pending