Support Grips

Born of the desire to create a better and universal way of securing the plethora of peripheral A/V device sizes to our clamp & frame system, Support Grips∞ allow for unrivalled flexibility and re-usability, with no loss in performance.

Support Grips∞ are made up of 2 parts, an ‘L’ shaped support, and an ‘N’ shaped grip. A pair of Support Grips∞ are provided with each of our frames. The support attaches to one of our frames, and clips in place in the locating slots¹. It’s job is simply, to support your chosen peripheral device. The grip then slides into the base of the support and holds the peripheral device in place¹. Due to the grips cleverly designed shape, once the grip is pushed into place, clamping the device, it lock onto the support until released.

Doubly universal

More flexibility, more choice, more options, our new extended range has a longer support to allow for more devices to be fitted to each frame.

This utterly revolutionary way of supporting and holding your peripheral device has so many advantages over other systems, but one we are really proud of is it’s re-usability. Something that will become apparent when you upgrade a peripheral device. Once the old device has been removed, the supports can be re-positioned along the frame to give optimum support to the new device. Then, on re-installation of the grips, they will automatically be in the correct position to hold your new device. No additional parts. No additional cost.

The Support Grips∞ make our bracket system universal, when it comes to holding peripheral devices out of sight. Each pair can hold up to 6.5kg, and the device can be any size² from 25mm to 80mm high. This unparalleled flexibility means it doesn’t really matter what peripheral device you have, our system can hold it.


We have also added a special grip so if you have an extra small device², like the Apple TV, you can support these too.

Which one to purchase?

To work, our Support Grips need to be attached to one of our frames. Head over to the Shop to choose which product best compliments your existing television system.


View the Support Grips instructions, opens .pdf in a new tab.

∞ Patent Pending

¹ Instructions should be followed, in full, during installation. All parts have an optimum performance position

² see peripheral A/V device for details