Star Wars Outer Rim credit tokens oversized & 3D printed


Full game set-
40 x 1,000
16 x 5,000
4 x 10,000

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Are you tired of those small, hard to pick up cardboard credit tokens that come with the game? Or maybe they have started to de-laminate? 
Either way, our 3D printed replacements are just what you need.

Made from bio-polymer, these 3D printed tokens feature a double-sided design to make playing easier. We have also included easy-pick-up edging just to add a bit extra to the accessibility of the game. 

Token Sizes

There are 2 size options to choose from, Large or Extra Large. Both feature a double-sided design and the easy-pick-up edging.
All tokens are 0.3 cm thick.


Extra Large

What you get

A full game set of 3D printed tokens in the token size you choose.

  • 40 x 1,000
  • 16 x 5,000
  • 4 x 10,000

These tokens are made to order and take a couple of days to make. 


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