Playseat Challenge Structural Reinforcment braces


By listening to our customers we have designed, and now offer, 2 additional enhancements to our popular SRB for the Playseat Challenge

Reinforce your Playseat Challenge to give you more precision when racing.

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Structural reinforcement braces for Playseat Challenge Sim Racing Rig

As used by Baggy_38 of Indigo Lime Racing team on the sim racing program Assetto Corsa Competizione. (His YouTube channel).

Our pro driver found his Playseat Challenge lacking in rigidity around the wheel mount, affecting the precise control needed for sim racing.  We developed this solution to take out the major source of flexing.

We know the main reason to have the Playseat Challenge is its ability to collapse up and store neatly out of the way… we don’t affect that at all. 
The braces detach (at one end) and swing out of the way when you need to store your rig.

The main brace strut is made of 3D printed Carbon Fibre reinforced plastic, which has an awesome grey finish, are incredibly strong and light. WIN WIN WIN…

The black clamps that fit around the Challenge’s tubes and onto the steering wheel plate, are made of 3D printed Recycled plastic. The tube clamps are designed to be quickly released to allow for the strut to be swung out of the way when you want to store your rig, pivoting from the wheel plate clamps.

The original SRB. 
Suits someone looking for stiffening at the lowest price and can accommodate less flexibility in positioning the wheel.
Works best for smaller steering wheel bases (e.g. Logitech G29/G920/G923) customers with larger steering wheel bases, we suggest Classic Plus.

Same as Classic, but adds an upgraded Pro Plate Clamp for drivers with larger steering wheel bases (e.g. Fanatec Podium), or racers who want just a little more

This new plate clamp uses carbon fibre filled plastic and offers increased stiffness compared to the standard clamp and is simpler to use day to day.
Positioning of the steering wheel is still less flexible than the Pro.

This enhanced SRB which can conform to a wide range of different Playseat Challenge configurations where the wheel plate may be moved forward or back and used at different angles. It can also be adjusted to offer greater knee room.

Includes the upgraded Pro Plate Clamp that is better suited to mounting under larger wheel bases where, once fitted, there is no easy access to the mounting screw. This new Pro Plate Clamp uses carbon fibre filled plastic and offers increased stiffness compared to the standard clamp and is simpler to use day to day.

For Classic & Classic Plus customers please note – if you have longer legs and arrange the seat so that your legs are close to or touching the underside of the wheel mounting plate your legs may rub against the braces.  Please look carefully at the pictures of the fitted braces and compare with your setup.

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We have made parts available, so you don’t have to replace the whole SRB.
You can also purchase the Pro Plate Clamp which will upgrade your SRB Classic to the SRB Classic Plus.

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