Please choose if you would like to order just the Scarlet bracket, or Scarlet +1 controller holder.



Scarlet is designed to hold your mini device on the wall, behind your TV, leaving it easily accessible but out of sight.

It’s our ingenious support grip system that allows for the multitude of different sized mini devices to fit. You simply drill the support to the wall, place the mini device on and slide in the M.D.H¹. THAT’S IT. Scarlet holds your mini device slightly away from the wall, this helps with cooling and provides a useful place to hide excess cable length.
Another really useful feature comes into play a bit later… “OHMIGURD the new Apple TV² has just been launched” aaaand it appears you have bought it. Not to fear Scarlet is here! Simply undo the M.D.H, remove your ‘so last year’ Apple TV and pop on your new pride and joy³.
Got the “SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller” for your Apple TV? Our Controller Holder can keep that neatly underneath to your Scarlet bracket. Or the Controller Holder can be mounted separately somewhere more convenient. Controller Holder can be bought with Scarlet or separately at a later date, it also has some built in hooks to keep the charging cable accessible.

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Apple TV (any generation), Amazon Fire TV 4K UHD (gen 1), Sonos Boost, Roku (2&3) and even the NVIDIA Shield TV (16GB). These are the mini devices that will fit neatly onto the Scarlet system with it’s mini device holder. Have a look at the pictures tab to see some other mini devices being held by Scarlet.


If you have an questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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¹M.D.H stands for Mini Device Holder and is the specially designed grip that stops your mini device taking a tumble.
²Yeah, Apple have just launched the new Apple TV 4K… that’ll fit too.
³Due to the lack of crystal ball or super powers, I am unable to guarantee next-gen devices will fit, but there is a high probability that they will.

In the box

Support and Grip are provided with rubber protector strips already attached. If you order a configuration that comes with a Controller Holder, that will be in the box too.

We also include a simple mounting kit that comprises of 2 masonry wall ‘RAWLPLUG’s and 2 zinc plated screws.

You will need a drill and a 7mm drill bit along with a cross-head screwdriver. We also suggest you use a spirit level when installing Scarlet.


Pictures of other uses

If you have purchased a Scarlet and have used it’s flexibility to the max, please send us pictures. It would be awesome to see what things you have used them for.

This is a use I found; I wanted to keep my multi USB hub out the way but accessible, so I grabbed a Scarlet wall bracket and tada! One securely held hub. The hub is just under 19mm thick and is held so securely, I can add and remove USB devices without holding onto the hub itself!!!







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32+ units save 12% on RRP (discount shown in cart)

Please note that products are made to order and as such we will need a little longer to process orders of 14units or more. Please allow an additional day for every 15units ordered.


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