Sky Q Mini / Q Hub / Q Booster VESA mounting bracket – easy install

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Attach your Sky Q Mini / Q Hub or Q Booster to the back of your TV using the VESA mounting points

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Easy to install on VESA

1 screw. Rubber strips protect your TV and your Sky Q Mini¹ box
 We have designed QMB1 to allow for simple and quick mounting for a Sky Q Mini¹ onto the back of most TVs with VESA mounting points.
 Typically VESA are 4 threaded inserts, in a square or rectangular pattern, on the back of the TV – only one of these is needed to install a QMB1 bracket.
 Due to it’s unique design our QMB1 bracket only requires 1 screw to hold it securely in place. Rubber is used to protect both the TV and Sky box from scratching.

Not sure which QMB1 is right for you? Answering the following questions should help;

Is the TV on a table or floor stand? 

Yes? Brilliant, go to Q3. 

No? Don’t worry, go to Q2.

Is the TV on a wall bracket? 

Yes? Okay then, QMB1 needs only a 48mm gap between the TV and the wall to neatly fit out of the way, or you could wall mount QMB1 below your TV. 

No? A levitating TV…!? I would love to see pics of that!

Is the TV stable on it’s stand?  

Yes? Awesome, go to Q4. 

No? Wall mount QMB1. -Although the Sky Q Mini¹ and the QMB1 bracket are all very light, if the TV appears unstable or the stand very weak QMB1 should be wall mounted.

Is the area between the VESA holes flat or slightly raised, compared to the rest of the TV? 

Yes? Going well, go to Q5. 

No? Wall mount QMB1 -If the VESA area is sunken, QMB1 will need to be wall mounted.

Are the VESA inserts for M4 or M6 screws? 

Yes? Great news, it sounds like the TV can take a QMB1 mounted to it. 

No? Wall mount QMB1. -If the TV is very heavy, over c.50kg, it is likely the VESA inserts are for M8 screws, in which case QMB1 will need to be wall mounted.

Fitting on VESA
When fitting, M4 and M6 screws are supplied in 2 lengths. The shortest will work with standard VESA mounting points. The longer screw is available for TVs where the manufacturer has decided to recess the inserts into the TV.

We are also happy to offer advice if you have any questions or need assistance when fitting, don’t hesitate to contact us

1x QMB1
2x 15mm rubber strips
2x 40mm rubber strips
1x Installation guide
1x VESA mounting kit
 – 1x M4x12mm screw
 – 1x M4x16mm screw
 – 1x M6x16mm screw
 – 1x M6x20mm screw
 – 1x M4 rubber washer
 – 1x M6 rubber washer
1x wall mounting kit (just in case)
 – 1x Rawl plug for masonry walls
 – 1x wall screw

◊ Cross head screwdriver (VESA or wall mounting)
◊ Drill (wall mounting)
◊ 7mm drill bit (wall mounting)
You wont need a spirit level or a measure…

¹ or Q Hub or Q Booster


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