Sky Q Main box 1TB/2TB wall mounting bracket – easy install

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Wall mount your Sky Q main box with this 1 screw easy install metal bracket.

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Compatible with the latest version (V2) of Sky Q 

Hold a Sky Q box safely & securely on your wall. We have specifically designed QB1 to be easy to install, you only need to drill a single 7mmØ hole, pop in the Rawl plug (provided) and screw (provided) QB1 on the wall. None of that awkward measuring & trying to make sure it’s level as you drill multiple holes.

Needing a gap of only 56mm between TV & Wall, QB1 is incredibly slimline & perfect for hiding your Sky Q box behind a wall mounted TV. 

Easy to install on the wall

1 screw => only 1 hole to drill. Rubber strips protect your wall and your Sky Q box
We have made wall mounting the QB1 as simple as possible, by only having 1 mounting point, you only need to drill one hole in your wall. No awkward measuring or trying to line up multiple holes, that’s a win-win thanks to a unique design.

Also available as a VESA mounting bracket
attaches to the back of your TV


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