Playseat Challenge Pedal Pivot Reinforcement clamps – Classic

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Designed to help reduce the movement between the main frame and the pedal location frame on the Playseat Challenge.

They effectively remove one pivot point at the joint and are much larger and stiffer than the standard joining piece.

All screws, nuts and a Hex key are included, along with 4 rubber feet.

The design still allows for the Playseat to be folded. When folded, the reinforcement blocks protrude slightly and care should be taken when folding and moving the Playseat as to not damage them. See pictures.

The blocks are made of recycled plastic, but may scratch wooden or vinyl/linoleum flooring if dragged.

Do I need these?

If you feel the pedal unit moving during operation – particularly when braking – these pivot reinforcement clamps may help.

To get a better idea; sit in your Playseat Challenge and, while braking hard, look at or feel the double pivot clips between the main frame and the pedal mounting frame.  If this moves up from the floor noticeably you should be able to feel improvement fitting our clamps.

The movement on your seat depends on how loose your existing pivots are, what type of pedals you have and how they are setup, how you drive (especially how hard you push the brakes) and what type of flooring you have.

We have found the most benefit for users with specialist pedals (e.g. Fanatec, Heusinkveld) where forces are often larger and the pedals may be mounted higher above the frame.

If you are unsure, please contact us before buying.

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