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Magenta is designed to hold your peripheral device on the wall, behind your TV, leaving it easily accessible but out of sight. A win for the minimalist in all of us. The gap between your TV and the wall needs to be at least 75mm if you have thin device to hide away, like a Sky Q or Nintendo Wii. Thicker devices, like Virgin Media TV V6 or PS4 Pro, need a little more room at 105mm.

It’s our ingenious support grip system that allows for the multitude of different sized devices to fit. You simply drill the supports to the wall as far apart as you need, place the device on and slide in the grips. THAT’S IT. Magenta holds your device slightly away from the wall, this helps with cooling and provides a useful place to hide excess cable.

Is your Magenta for holding a gaming console? You can get Controller Holders to keep everything in one place.
I often forgot to charge my controller, so we have incorporated cable hooks onto the optional controller holder’s design, the controller charging cable is now always to hand, making it super easy to keep them charged up. Thank goodness! Oh, and the controller holders are really easy to retro-fit and can even be affixed to the wall separately, wherever is easiest for you.

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Playstation 4 (shown), Xbox One S and the Nintendo Switch¹ can be held securely and discreetly behind your TV. The optional Controller Holders allow you to keep everything in one place.

Sky Q, Q mini, Q hub & Q booster can all be supported by Magenta too. Don’t worry about the box being hidden away, the Sky Q’s Touch remote is Bluetooth and therefore doesn’t need ‘line of sight’ to work. And actually, with the power of current IR remotes, they often work without ‘line of sight’.

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Magenta installation guide

¹Due to the size of the Switch, you are unable to have a Controller Holder attached to both supports at the same time.
²I’ve only used PS5 as an example because Microsoft don’t like using consecutive numbers and Nintendo… *shrug*.
³Due to a lack of crystal ball or super powers, I can’t guarantee that next-gen consoles will fit, but there is a decently high probability that they will.

In the box

Supports & Grips are provided with rubber protector strips already attached. If you order a configuration that comes with 1 or 2 Controller Holders, they will be in the box too. Oh, and the installation guide… mustn’t forget that.

We also include a simple mounting kit that comprises of 4 masonry wall ‘RAWLPLUG’s and 4 zinc plated screws.

You will need a drill and a 7mm drill bit along with a cross-head screwdriver. We also suggest you use a tape measure and spirit level when installing Magenta.


Current Generation Consoles

  • Nintendo Switch (dock)
  • PS4 (PlayStation 4)
  • PS4 Pro
  • PS4 Slim
  • Xbox One S (tight fit)
  • Xbox One X


  • Sky Q
  • Sky Q mini
  • Sky Q hub
  • Sky Q booster
  • Virgin Media TV V6
  • Sky +HD (it’s tight but it has been fitted)

Previous generation consoles

  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo Wii U
  • PS3 Super-slim

This list is not exhaustive. A device with a thickness between 25mm and 60mm (excluding feet) will fit.
As the distance between the Supports is set by the installer, this list is based solely on the thickness of the peripheral device and hence it’s ability to be held by the Support Grips. If you are switching one device for another, you may need to reposition the Supports.

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