Playseat Challenge Logitech Pedal clamps

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Tired of pedals moving around and ruining your braking ? 

Then mount them like a pro with our clamps.

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Why do I need these?

The 4 clamps firmly hold the pedals onto the Playseat Frame without the need for any Velcro straps.

This improves the braking feel by reducing unwanted movement.  The pedals are held in position during driving and when folding the seat for storage.

Compatible with Logitech pedals;

Supplied with screws & installation guide.
You will need a crosshead ⊗ screwdriver.

The installation guide is available to download/print if you need it

What our customers think

Fits perfect to my G920 pedals and keeps them totally solid, no movement at all

Purchased on eBay

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Additional information

Package Size

Royal Mail Large Letter.
22.0 x 17.0 x 2.0 (cm)
It will fit through a standard UK letter box slot.
For internation shipping, its size is Small Parcel.




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