Sky Q Main box 1TB / 2TB Eco Raisers (set of 4)

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Raisers for Sky Q Main box (1TB or 2TB) to assist with better air flow under your device.
Compatible Models: ES140, ES240 & ES340

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Raisers for Sky Q Main box

If your Sky Q Main box gets a little hot, or you have it on top of another device, these raisers are just the things you need to help it stay cooler.
The raisers are 1.5 cm tall, and have a rubber foot of their own, their curved shape fits nicely with the overall look of the Q box.
The overall height of the Sky Q Main box is approx 6 cm when the raisers are installed.

Made from recycled plastic, we have utilised additive manufacturing (3D Printing) to create great value raisers.

When the raisers are installed, the device shouldn’t be slid about when moved, as this could detach the raisers.

IPO Registered Design

No electronic equipment is supplied with this product

"this item is fantastic fits on base of sky Q box. my last box overheated and had to be replaced. these guys designed and produced this item to sort the problem. easy to fit and look great as well. can't thank them enough. great customer svc. will definite do more business again. thank you."
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