Sky Q Mini / Hub / Booster Eco under shelf bracket

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Mount your Sky Q Mini, Q Hub or Q Booster box under a shelf.

Compatible Models: EM150, ER110 & EE120

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These Eco mounts are perfect for holding your Sky Q Mini box up, out of the way, hidden under a shelf.

The under shelf mounts hold the box away from the shelf, allowing air to circulate around your device.

We have utilised additive manufacturing (3D Printing) to create the best value Sky Q Mini under shelf mount around.

Because our brackets are so thin, and can be positioned to suite your specific set up, so they stay clear of the connection ports you need access to, oh and we use protective rubber strips to stop scratches.

Quick and easy to install, with installation guide and “easy start” wood screws all provided. Installation guides can also be downloaded/printed here, just in case the dog eats yours!

IPO Registered Design

No electronic equipment is supplied with this product

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Royal Mail Large Letter
22 x 14 x 2.5 (cm)
It will fit through a standard UK letter box slot.


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