Power Supply brick Eco under shelf bracket

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Mount your devices Power Supply “brick” under a shelf or desk

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Hold your device's power supply "brick" under a shelf or desk.

Keeps everything neat and clutter free. WIN!

Or how about keeping your laptops power supply neatly out the way when at your desk? Thanks to Velcro(R), our under shelf brackets can keep it tidily out of the way, but easily detachable when you need to take it with you.

Under shelf mounting kit and installation guide included. Just in case you misplace your installation guide, or the dog eats it, they are available to download and print here.

E.PBH2-US will hold a power supply “brick” up to 280mm in circumference with a maximum height/depth of 85mm. If you need any help, contact us. The width of the Power Supply “brick” doesn’t matter as you position the supports as far apart as you need to.

Examples of dimensions that will fit;
– 75 x 55
– 85 x 50
– 60 x 30 (small Dell PSU from pics)
– 75 x 32 (Asus PSU from pics)
– 82 x 35 (large Dell PSU)
2 x 3D printed under shelf supports, 2 x 320mm strips of proper Velcro(R), under shelf mounting kit & instructions.

IPO Registered Design 6066274

No electronic equipment is supplied with this product.


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