PS5 Wall mounting bracket *New Colours Available*


Wall mount for PS5

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Choice of colours now available: Carbon Fibre Reinforced (matt grey), Black or Orange


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These Carbon Fibre reinforced 3D printed brackets are incredibly strong and sturdy with an awesome matt grey finish, and a great way to display your PS5

Your PS5 is bolted (using the screw & hole the base attaches too in the “upright” position) to the bracket. The base itself is attached to the PS5 in the “lay flat” position and used to support the console back against the wall, keeping everything together… you don’t want to misplace that base!
The bracket is clear of all the vent holes in the bottom of the PS5, aiding cooling for those demanding games.

Wall mounting kit is included.

IPO Registered Design

No electronic equipment is supplied with this product.

Additional information

Package Size

Royal Mail Large Letter
22 x 17 x 2.5 (cm)
It will fit through a standard UK letter box slot.


  1. Adam

    From a happy eBay customer.

    “Got the ps5 mount on Saturday and put it on the wall, it’s great!”

  2. Adam

    From a happy eBay customer.

    Thanks,tlm_indigo_lime! 1A ++ Ebayer! gladly again! Shop,highly recommended!

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