Card Deck Holder. Firefly-The Game, expansion set


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Set of 3 Card Deck Holders
2 x Landscape holders for Contact Decks
1 x Portrait holders for Supply Deck

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Deck Holders. Firefly-The Game, expansion set of holders (3)

Compatible with Blue Sun or Kalidasa expansion packs


I love Firefly: The Game, but goodness me it takes some space to play it!! That why I asked Mark (our in house design engineer) to come up with something to help. 

Enter the specifically designed card holders, sized perfectly for the Contact Decks and Supply Decks of the Firefly game.

We 3D print to order using a bio-polymer filament, which is derived from plants, and is biodegradable. 

The card holders interlock with each other so, for example, you can connect together all the contact decks on one side of the board, or you can put say Niska and Regina decks together, or just have each card holder separate, it’s up to you and how you prefer to set up your game.


The card holders themselves have 2 sections, one for the face down pile, and one for the discard pile. They keep the cards in more of an upright position, reducing the table space needed from 2 piles per deck, to one.
Please note that the products are made to order, in the colour you want, and will take us 2 working days to make them before we dispatch using the method you requested.
No playing cards are included.
Base Game Deck Holders
– Landscape Card Holder x 2 for Contact Decks
– Portrait Card Holder x 1 for Supply Deck
IPO Registered Design
Images showing the other colours coming soon.


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