BeoVision Horizon peripheral device bracket.

New options available for holding the BeoSound Core & “power bricks” on the back of Horizon.


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Horizon peripheral device bracket

Capri is designed to attach to the Wheel Stand or Floor Stand that supports the BeoVision Horizon television (not compatible with Easel Stand or wall mount); it then secures peripheral devices behind the television leaving you to admire the Horizon, clutter free.
To achieve that minimalistic look, with minimum fuss, we design our brackets to have as few a screws as possible. The Carpi is no exception.The clamp and frame come pre-assembled so the only thing you need to do is use 1 screw (provided) to attach Capri to the stand. Our ingenious Support Grips then clip onto the frame and you can pop on your peripheral device. Done!

Capri clamp & frame come pre-assembled



Please note that Capri is not compatible with our bespoke Table Stand, Emerald T. That has been specially designed for Horizon and uses other frames to attach your peripheral devices neatly out of the way.




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