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Capri is up and ready to go

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The word Capri has many different connotations to different people. The island… the car… pants..!?. It is also a hue of blue; a deep shade of sky blue which is between cyan and azure on the colour wheel. We have added our own Capri to the list.

The new Capri bracket is our solution for holding peripheral devices on the back of BeoVision Horizon when it’s supported by either the Wheel Stand or Floor Stand. Press the product label and be transported to the newest Capri on the block.

Wikipedia links, in case you were interested
The Island ⇒
The Car ⇒
The Pants ⇒
Capri-Sun ⇒
Have I missed any?

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BeoVision Eclipse solution now available

Cerulean designed for BeoVision Eclipse
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Our solution for the new BeoVision Eclipse, Cerulean, is now available to order for immediate* dispatch.

Attaching to the motorised floor stand of the Eclipse, Cerulean can give you that clean, uncluttered look but keeping all your peripheral devices easily accessible. Pop along to the Cerulean Shop to build your ideal set up today.

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Emerald T now available to order

Our new product, Emerald T, is designed as a table stand for the BeoVision Horizon TV. The stand has been designed to easily take our frames on to which you can secure almost any peripheral device, using out Support Grips, holding them discreetly behind the TV, leaving that wonderful minimalistic look that looks great in any home.

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Emerald T for Horizon
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Why not pop along to our shop where you can configure your ideal set up.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us

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Zaffre S now available to order

Zaffre S designed for LOEWE bild 7 manual & motorised rotating table & floor stand
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The Zaffre S, which is designed to attach to the manual & motorised rotating table & floor stands of the LOEWE bild 7, is now available to order online.

Find out more at the Zaffre S Shop where you can use the configurator to build and order your ideal set up.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us

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Demonstration Video

We have produced a short demonstration video for you. It shows how quickly and easily our system can be installed, take a look and see for yourself.

The video shows a Sapphire being attached to a BeoVision 7-32, the Azure is just as quick.