About Indigo Lime

Indigo Lime specialise in brackets for A/V peripheral devices, holding them securely and discreetly behind Bang & Olufsen televisions supported by rotating floor stands¹ and  LOEWE televisions that are supported by fixed or rotating table or floor stands.

Our goals are to create products that are not only simple and quick to use but also soundly engineered and offer our customers real value for money. All our engineering, design and development is conducted in-house where we meticulously assess what is required of each product, it’s at this point we innovate to achieve our goals. Take our frames for example, they are held in place with a single clamp and a couple of screws, once fitted, everything else clips onto them.

We have many years of experience when it comes to creating solutions to difficult problems, but there was one problem that stood out from all others, and it also happened to be the most complex… “There is a huge variety of sizes in peripheral device, how can we hold them all?”. Many discussions ensued, most concluded with “that won’t work” or “that’s not good enough”. Eventually the conclusion we knew was possible came to be, “THAT is brilliant!”. That brilliant, ingenious solution developed into Support Grips∞. The Support Grips page has in depth information about how they work and what makes them such a revolutionary solution to an ever changing problem.

Indigo Lime is a trading arm of Triple Link Manufacturing Ltd.

We are a family owned independent business not connected to Bang and Olufsen or LOEWE.

Proudly made in the United Kingdom u-k

All of Indigo Lime’s products have been engineered and developed in house and are produced as locally as possible and always within the UK. And, where available, all additional components (screws etc) are sourced from UK suppliers. This has some major benefits, it keeps shipment costs down so that you get the best value possible and this also keeps our carbon footprint as small as possible, but mostly it means that we can keep standards high. It’s these exacting standards and attention to detail that will never waiver on any part. It’s why, for example, we use Stainless Steel screws. Not only do they look great, they will last as well.


   ¹- The technique we employ to secure our brackets to the stands requires that the stand be a cylindrical tube. Different B&O & LOEWE televisions have different diameter tubes, and some stands do not use tubes at all. Compatibility with B&O and LOEWE stands has been verified, but 3rd party stands have not been verified. Full details of compatibility can be found on each product’s information page. If in doubt about the compatibility of your stand with our brackets, please contact us.

∞-Patent Pending